Sweet Wood On-the-Go Beard Balm 3 Pack

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We know what you're thinking. Wood? Sweet? Really? How is that natural?

Well, if you're asking those questions, maybe you haven't exactly experienced what natural notes like tangerine, vanilla, and sandalwood can do in combination. If you ever wanted your beard to have a familiar woody scent but with just enough sweetness to hit the perfect note for a night out on the town, then the Sweet Wood On-the-Go .25 Ounce Beard Balm 3 Pack is for you. This is a non-gritty beard balm that will help you enjoy a soft, well-protected beard without ever having to wonder if you have your balm on you. Just travel with it and enjoy.

The travel pack size is great for any man who wants to take care of his beard on the go, especially if you don't know exactly where you'll end up. You can't take your entire bathroom with you, but with Sweet Wood On-the-Go .25 Ounce Beard Balm Pack, you can take a soft beard with you.