Original Beard Balm 1 Ounce Tin

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Sometimes, simplest is best. That may be the case with our Original Fatwood Beard Co. Beard Balm. Think of this as the fresh, woody, warm, earthy simplicity that you wanted out of your beard before you took to Google and someone told you that you needed 1,000 different scents all packaged in one balm. This is the original solution, the pillar in the Fatwood Beard Co. foundation, and one of the best natural ways to keep your beard happy.
How popular is our original beard balm? As it turns out, it's a favorite with the ladies. Maybe that's because it was Mrs. Fatwood -the one and only- who created this scent years ago. It's not common that you'll come across beard balms  that helped launch a brand with its quality, natural aroma, and friendliness towards sensitive skin. But when you can do one thing really well, why change the recipe? Stick to Original. Your beard will thank you.

Why do we love The Original Beard Balm? It doesn't get gritty on you, creating a texture that's even more annoying than a dried-out beard. It doesn't irritate the skin with all sorts of "natural" fragrances that are created in a lab, as if designed specifically to irritate certain beards. It doesn't leave you with the burning and redness you'd otherwise experience when you experiment with other balms.

Key Essential Oils: Fir, Vetiver, and Cedarwood.