Handmade Multi-Wood Beard Comb

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At Fatwood Beard we strive to provide only the best beard products for our customers. All of our handcrafted items for sale have been given the Fatwood seal of approval. This beard comb was specially handcrafted for Fatwood Beard by Conway Craftings. We chose All American woods for the design, including walnut, cherry, and maple. Say "goodbye" to those imported combs, and "hello" to this handmade in the USA beauty. The comb measures in at  3.5"x2.5". As each comb is handmade, there is a very limited quantity available. 

Special note from Conway Craftings:

***Note: due to the natural characteristics of wood, you may notice slight difference in grain patterns and colors as pictured, but they will always be the same woods and wood patterns. These combs have proven to be pretty durable, but they do not have the flexibility that plastic combs may have because it's wood. Because of this it is recommended to take care of comb and keep from dropping on solid surfaces, or if it is being kept in pockets, that is isn't bumped against hard surfaces. Unnecessary stress on these combs such as the above examples may increase the chance of it breaking.