Felled Wood Beard Oil

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Since you have a beard, you naturally have already built your own log cabin in the woods. Right?
Okay, maybe we're wrong about that one, but your secret's safe with us if you try our Felled Wood Beard Oil. This oil is comprised of two types of cedarwood to mimic a natural "sawdust," "cabin-in-the-woods" sort of scent. You might call it fresh, woody, and dry. Think of opening some Felled Wood oil as opening a cedar chest, or the front door to that log cabin.
By combining Virginian cedarwood and Red Western cedarwood, we've been able to create a beard oil that doesn't require any of those lab-created, so-called "natural fragrances" that only make your beard feel irritated while essentially dressing it up with pefume. This is the real thing: real, natural oils that are healthy for your beard and don't leave you feeling like you just applied a coat of lacquer to your face. Keep that for the wood shop. When it comes to your beard, give it the best possible Felled Wood treatment. 
Key Essential Oils - Red Western & Virginian Cedarwood