Driftwood On-the-Go Beard Balm 3 Pack

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Driftwood can show up anywhere you have a shore. So maybe it only makes sense that you combine an On-the-Go .25 Ounce Balm Pack with our hallmark Driftwood scent. Not only is Driftwood a fan favorite, but it's a great example of what makes our beard balms great to begin with: it features natural ingredients like sandalwood and lavender to create a natural scent that doesn't have to be created by a team of lab coats.

Just like a natural driftwood beach, you'll find that this On-the-Go .25 Ounce Balm Pack of our Driftwood scent has a calming and soothing effect on you- and especially on your beard. Simply apply it whenever you need a quick way to relax and enjoy the natural softness with which your beard was meant to be enjoyed. It's the best way to keep your beard soft from anywhere- whether that means an actual driftwood beach or simply relaxing at home. 


Key Essential Oils - Bay, Sandalwood and Lavender