Driftwood Beard Oil

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If you ever want to close your eyes and imagine yourself at the beach, make sure that you bring your beard with you.

This is one product where you'll notice the immediate difference between artificial and natural. After all, there's a difference between the natural fragrance of oil and what you see on a label called "natural fragrances." One's made in a lab- the other by nature. That's what you'll notice when you try the Driftwood Beard Oil. Containing sandalwood, bay rum oil, and lavender, our Driftwood Beard Oil is the result of us creating a blend that helps your beard smell like the sea. Driftwood may just remind you of your favorite vacation.

The bay rum oil and lavender make for natural, relaxing scents on your beard while the sandalwood helps the oil age well. When it comes to your beard, there's no reason you can't have only the best parts of visiting the sea.

Key Essential Oils: Sandalwood, Bay Rum, and Lavender