Beard Oil Sample Pack

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Beard oil should be your friend- not an irritant that makes you question why you grew a beard in the first place. That's why we created non-irritating, non-gritty beard oils that you can use to soften your beard and leave it with a natural scent that wasn't created out of artificial ingredients that will only make your beard mad.

When you pick up this sample pack, you'll enjoy six 5-ML bottles, adding up to the approximate size of one full bottle of beard oil. And since you get to enjoy one of each scent, you'll know exactly which beard oil gets you the most compliments -or, simply, which one feels the best. Because a beard is a personal thing, and its enjoyment ultimately comes down to how you feel. 

This Oil Sample Pack includes the following:

  • Original Beard Oil
  • Driftwood Beard Oil
  • Felled Wood Beard Oil
  • Morning Wood Beard Oil
  • Sweet Wood Beard Oil
  • Firewood Beard Oil