Beard & Body Wash 4oz

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We only have 35 of these to offer. This offer is only available for select customers. Use the email address you placed your initial order with in order to use discount code "WASHME" to receive a bottle with your purchase.

Our beard wash has been a hit with the few that have tried it. We will be releasing an 8oz beard wash within the upcoming weeks, however we have quite a few 4oz bottles left over from our development stage. Our beard wash will not carry the usual scents that our other beard products carry. The reason for this, a lot of the scents didn't hold up to our standards. We use all natural oils, and in order to create a long lasting fragrance, we'd have to use synthetic fragrance. Which we won't do. 

We are using Tea Tree oil to scent our beard wash. Not only does it have a pleasant, fresh scent, but it also works a a great antibacterial and antiseptic.

Our beard and body was uses all natural ingredients and is free from parabens, SLSSLES and sulfates. 

Wash will arrive in an unlabeled 4oz bottle. 

The all-natural ingredients are below.

Decyl Glucoside - Used as a thickening agent and obtained from renewable raw materials, through a combination of plant based fatty alcohols (coconut) and glucose sugar/starch. 

Lauryl Betaine - Surfactant obtained from sugar beets.

Xantham Gum - derived from sugar, used for viscosity.

Sodium Chloride - salt

Alove Vera Leaf Juice Powder

Citric Acid 

Phenonxyethanol derived from green tea

Benzoic Acid - found in many plants 

Dehydroacetic Acid - Primarily used to keep product from spoiling. 

Tea Tree Oil