The Problem with Scented Beard Oils


The problem we have with scented beard oils.

 At first this article was going to be titled “The Problem with Scented Beard Oils.” We then realized that the problem we have with scented oils may not be a problem other companies have. Hence, we used the terms the problem "WE" have with scented beard oils. Let us explain.

We love the scents that we created to go along with our Fatwood Beard oils and beard balms. Each scent was crafted to offer a unique scent that we couldn’t find anywhere else, and still to do this day our scents are one-of-a-kind. So, what’s the issue? The issue is we didn’t first create the scents and then create the oils and balms that would carry those scents. We started off by making a beard oil and balm that did what we wanted it to do, to stop the dreaded itch that comes along with having a beard, to reduce “beardruff” and to soften and strengthen our facial hair.  We had many failed attempts along the way, and even when we thought we had the perfect ingredient list we continued to refine the recipes.

Now we’ll get to the issue… we think that often the scents distract from the capability of our products to moisturize, protect, and strengthen your beard.

Think about it like this: Would you put a 4-cylinder 150 HP engine in an exotic sports car? That’s what you’re doing when you buy a fragranced beard oil that contains a lot of cheap carrier oils. It may smell great, but does it do it’s intended purpose. From our experience, cheap oils lead to cheap results. Someone asked why our products are priced higher than $12 oils, and the answer is simple; those other companies couldn’t make our products and sell them for $12. In fact, you won’t find any oils comparable to ours at that price point. You will however find beard oils with similar ingredients for almost double our price. We use premium oils, but we don’t use that wording to charge an arm and a leg.

We would love for our customers to focus on the quality of our products, but often scents are the focus. We completely understand that. As we stated earlier WE LOVE our scents, and many of our customers love them as well. Just do us a favor the next time you apply a Fatwood Beard Co. product, check out the results, not just the smell!