Beard Oil

beard oil scents A beard oil isn’t just there to smell good. It isn’t just there to look good. It isn’t just there to make you feel good. If your beard oil is made from natural ingredients and specifically formulated for men like you, it should do it all.

That was the idea behind Fatwood Beard Company. Other Beard Oils and Beard Balms were too gritty, too focused on fragrance. They weren’t designed for on-the-go beard treatments and they certainly designed for the man with sensitive skin.

Using natural moisturizers like Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil, our Beard Oils are built specifically out of the best possible ingredients for your beard and for your skin.

Our Beard Oil Scents

Here, you’ll see an assortment of different Beard Oils for you to try, including:

  • Original
  • Driftwood
  • Felled Wood
  • Morning Wood
  • Sweet Wood
  • Firewood

Why don’t you see exotic fragrances and artificial-sounding ingredients? Simple: we don’t include them. We only include what’s best for your beard, which means we’re focused on creating natural scents that jive with even the most sensitive faces.

We hold our process up to a high standard, hand-pouring our products and individually inspecting them to make sure that whenever you open beard oil from Fatwood Beard Company, you can be confident that you’re giving your beard the best treatment possible. You’re not resorting to strong scents created in a lab; instead, you’re using natural scents that won’t make you itch and burn all day.

The Advantage of Using Natural Beard Oils

Why bother with natural Beard Oils when anything you can pick up for cheap at the store will do? The simplest answer is that those cheap solutions don’t do. That is unless you want your Beard Oil to irritate, overwhelm the nostrils, and clear out any room in which you’re near anyone in close quarters who can pick up a strong Beard Oil scent.

Our scents are different. By formulating our products with natural oils and ingredients, we can create pleasant-smelling aromas without resorting to artificial nonsense that will only interfere with your skin.

All Natural Beard Oil

After all, part of the beard experience is enjoying how the beard feels on your skin. It should be soft and moisturized. It should be pleasant to stroke. When you need to forget about it, you should forget about it.

Best Beard Oil Ingredients

By pairing together oils like Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut Oil—along with a range of other natural ingredients—we’ve put together the Beard Oil products that you can take with you anywhere you go. Whether you’re traveling or simply want a nice Beard Oil to keep with you at the office, our Beard Oils are mild enough not to alert anyone in the vicinity that you’re applying Beard Oil. And isn’t that what a Beard Oil should have been in the first place? It’s what you can have when you go natural. That’s how you look good, feel good, and smell good—the natural way.