Beard Balm

beard balm scents

It started with a simple question: what the experience of traveling with and applying beard balm…didn’t have to suck?

Unique Beard Balms

That’s the idea behind Fatwood Beard Company and our unique beard balms. Rather than create beard balms with fancy, multi-faceted scents, we got back to the point of beard balms in the first place: to help you enjoy a more moisturized, comfortable beard. Imagine that.

Hand Crafted Beard Balms

You see, most of the problems with beard balms come when the companies try too hard to make them more complicated. They figure that if they make them complicated, you won’t notice the low quality. But quality comes from doing the simple things well. Consider some of the features of our Beard Balms:

  • Using natural ingredients that make your beard happy. When you avoid the overly complicated, artificially-created scents that are meant to make you smell great but ignore how the balm actually feels, you’ll create a superior product. We use natural moisturizers like Shea and Mango in our products because they’re good for your beard and won’t cause the irritation that come with artificial scents.
  • Keeping it simple. If you do the simple things well, you’ll have a superior product. That’s why we focus on natural scents like Driftwood; they don’t require that we put in a bunch of artificial ingredients that will throw off the texture of the Beard Balm and ultimately irritate sensitive skin. We keep things simple by using high-quality products throughout the entire range of production.
  • Quality control. Because we hand-pour our products, we give special attention to what’s going in to every container we use. That kind of quality control gives you a personal touch that you won’t find in a factory-controlled environment that spits out inferior Beard Balms.

Beard Balm Scents

Put it all together and you’ll find our Beard Balms are non-irritating, non-gritty, and offer you enough comfort and protection to be continually reapplied whenever you like. That means you can carry a travel pack of your Beard Balm in any of the following scents:

  • Original
  • Driftwood
  • Felled Wood
  • Morning Wood
  • Sweet Wood
  • Firewood

These scents are evocative but mild, giving you the confidence you need to apply Beard Balm whenever you need a quick boost in comfort—but without stinking up the entire office.

Beard Balm shouldn’t be a complicated thing. It shouldn’t be something that you fear will irritate your skin when you have an important meeting to get to—or date night looming that evening. Beard Balm should keep your beard soft, protected, and comfortable. It shouldn’t detract from you comfort with a gritty texture or a scent that’s so overwhelming that you have to get used to it to enjoy it.

Our Fatwood Beard Company Beard Balms were designed by a bearded man with the bearded man in mind. That means avoiding all of the common pitfalls of this industry with a hard focus on what works—and what ultimately feels best for your beard.