A beautiful blend of fresh, clean scents will take you back to the sea. Rub some in and head out to the marina, the lake, or the office. This refreshing scent is perfect for a day outdoors or a night out on the town.

Key Essential Oils - Bay, Sandalwood and Lavender

  • Beard Oil is great for men with shorter beards that don't need a lot of hold. It is also ideal for beards that might be getting a little unruly and in need of extra TLC. The dropper applicator gives any bearded man the option of how much he can use. We recommend 1-2 drops. You can always add more!
  •  Beard Balm is perfect for men that want a little bit more hold and a more groomed look with ALL the benefits of Beard Oil. Fatwood Beard Balm is conveniently packaged in 2 different sizes .25 oz. and .50 oz. This application method provides quick, easy and mess free beard grooming at your fingertips and can easily fit back in your pocket until the next use.