Firewood Beard Balm 1 Ounce Tin

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We created Firewood Beard Oil to mimic the smell of a burning camp fire. We did just that. Firewood isn't a sexy scent, it's not a scent that contains notes of honey and lavender. This scent isn't like the competitors that name their scents after camp fires, but the scent is actually 11 other scents that have zero to do with burning wood. If you're hesitant, try a sample before ordering our full sized versions.

There's nothing quite like the scent of firewood that evokes just the right image: the outdoors, comfort in a log cabin, or relaxing next to a crackling fire.

So what does that have to do with your beard? Simple: the smoky and woodsy scent of a burning campfire doesn't always require the fire itself. This Firewood Beard Balm makes for a great, non-gritty way to protect your beard, evoking all the familiar scents and smells of sitting with friends around a campfire. If you ever wanted to find a way to make your beard more warm and inviting, this is it. 

How do we achieve it? With a non-gritty balm formula, we put our emphasis on natural ingredients that easily create the scent we're aiming for without resorting to irritating lab chemicals. What's left over is a natural protectant that will keep your beard at its best.