Driftwood Beard Balm 1 Ounce Tin

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Take out an old product of beard balm and gander at the ingredients list. Does it start to feel somewhat artificial? Sullied? As if you've been sold on the "natural" quality of a product only to find out it's just as lab-created as anything else?

Now, try something different. Try Driftwood Beard Balm to see what a beard balm can be: a non-gritty, non-irritating genuine beard balm created to moisturize, protect, and soothe the beard. This Driftwood balm also mimics the texture and scent of real driftwood through a number of clever ingredient combinations, none of which require people in lab coats synthesizing materials from-well you don't want to know.

Driftwood is a very natural ingredient. So why shouldn't a Driftwood Beard Balm be comprised of the same? Now try something new: take out a new product of Driftwood beard balm, open it, and see how it smells. You know that scent? That's what it smells like when you're doing right by your beard. 

Key Essential Oils - Bay, Sandalwood and Lavender