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How To Eliminate Beard Itch

If you want to know how to eliminate beard itch because you find yourself saying things like "My beard is itchy." or “My beard itches.” then keep reading to find out what is really going on. You see, technically…. your beard doesn’t itch. Your face itches. Beards can itch for several reasons. Depending on your skin type, you may experience dry skin often, or perhaps not at all. At Fatwood Beard we fall into the dry skin category. Dry skin can be a nuisance under any circumstances, but when growing a beard, dry skin can be a motivator to shave off that beautiful face sweater. Don't let beard itch derail your plans for having that amazing beard you've always dreamed of!

How To Eliminate Beard Itch

Eliminate Beard Itch In The Initial Growth Stage

All along you’ve been shaving your face, and that razor blade has been cutting your facial hair at an angle. When those shaved hairs begin to grow out, they can often angle back into your skin. Now you have thousands of tiny toothpicks poking at your face. Don’t worry, your face won’t be an hors d’oeuvre plate forever. To alleviate some of this discomfort during the initial growth stage, pick up a great beard balm that will not only soften your beard hairs, but will also moisturize your face along the way. Gently massage the balm into your skin and begin to feel less like a pin cushion and start feeling more like the confident bearded man you are starting to become.

How To Eliminate Beard Itch In A Seasoned Beard

 For those who have moved past the initial growth stage, dry skin is often the culprit of beard itch. There are multiple culprits that contribute to dry skin. Some of these culprits are out of your control, i.e. genetics. Some people have drier skin that others. Environmental factors also play a role in keeping your beard itch free. Drier climates can contribute to drier skin. So much for stating the obvious, right? What is the best way to eliminate beard itch if you aren’t able to sit around a humidifier all day long? Answer: Hydrate your skin.

How do you hydrate your skin? You use a great moisturizer. Fortunately for you Fatwood Beard has you covered when it comes to great moisturizers. Our beard oils and beard balms not only smell great, but they are a great way to keep that skin underneath your beard nice and hydrated. We use only the best all-natural oils and butters that combine to moisturize and protect your skin. Not only are these ingredients great at eliminating dry skin, they also have antimicrobial properties that contribute to healthier hair growth.

A Common Mistake

Some beard products can contribute to an itchy beard. Products containing alcohol may dry your skin out more than they moisturize it. Also, be on the lookout for ingredients that contain petroleum products. These products are more suitable for lubricating and engine than they are for lubricating your face.

You Now Have Learned How To Eliminate Beard Itch

The good news is you now have learned how to eliminate beard itch. Your itchy beard doesn’t have to last forever! With proper hydration, you can eliminate that itch, and get back to enjoying your beard instead of worrying if you should shave it off or not. Keep you beard, remove the itch.

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