Beard Balm in a Lip Balm tube.... but why?

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Beard Balm in a Lip Balm tube.... but why?


Here at Fatwood Beard we get asked this question a lot "why is the balm in a tube?" quickly followed by "am I supposed to rub the tube on my face?"

Beard balm is typically applied as part of a man's morning grooming routine. On shorter length beards, balm can be used alone to moisturize the beard, face and neck. With longer, fuller beards, first applying beard oil helps to moisturize the face and neck areas that are harder to access due to the thick beard growth. Balm can then be applied to further shape the beard. 

"Great, but why the tube?"

Getting there.... Traditionally, beard balm is packaged in round containers. These containers are either plastic or metal, ranging in sizes from 1 to 4 ounces. The recommended removal technique is to scrape the balm with your fingernail, removing the desired amount. Let's face it though, the most often used removal technique is jamming a finger into the container, and removing the desired (or undesired) amount of balm. A picture of a traditional beard balm container can be seen below.

Did you accidentally remove more balm than you need? You can put it back in the container, but more than likely it will be too little for the next use, and you'll have to go digging again. Odds are you'll use the extra amount, applying more balm than is needed. Quite the unnecessary waste of beard balm.

Throughout the day, the beard and skin under the beard naturally lose moisture. Dry skin = itch. Yes, beard balms and oils are moisturizers. Balms and oils will reduce, or even eliminate beard itch.

Appearance wise,  longer beards also tend to lose their shape throughout the day and start to look "dry." 

Wouldn't it be nice to apply balm throughout the day to help your beard look better, and to also moisturize your skin to eliminate itch and the dreaded "beardruff" that often times accompanies it?

You could always keep a spare round container of balm in your vehicle. Just hope it doesn't get too hot, the balm will liquefy. Too cold and the balm will harden, making it very hard to melt down in your hand.

You could stick one of the round containers into your pocket, assuming it's a smaller 1 ounce or 2 ounce container. People may wonder why you carry around a hockey puck all day, but at least you'll have balm on you to handle those pesky fly-away beard hairs.

Neither of these situations sound desirable?

Enter Fatwood portable beard balms. Both the large .5 ounce tube and the smaller .25 ounce tubes easily fit into a shirt or pants pocket. Avoid jamming your finger into a tin by rolling up the balm tube, and sliding your fingernail across the exposed balm.

Rolled up too much balm? Simple, turn the stick counter-clockwise and reduce the exposed amount. Or better yet, put the cap back on. No more wasted beard balm. 

Fatwood portable beard products allow you to take beard balm with you anywhere you go. The tube design helps to reduce waste by letting you remove the desired amount. Say goodbye to wasted bead balm!

Finally, "do I rub the tube on my face?"


No. Don't rub the tube on your face. We know it's tempting. You see a balm tube, and you want to rub it on your face. If you really want to, do it in the privacy of your own home. Otherwise, use your thumbnail to remove the desired amount. 



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