The Best Ingredients for the Best Beards.

Ditch those cheap "fragrance" oils. Perfume belongs in a purse, not in your beard. We use the best ingredients to make the best beard oils and balms. Our products are scented with real, from nature oils. Not those other oils that someone in a lab coat created, and somehow managed to call them "natural." 

Beard Oil Sample Pack

Beard Oil Sample Pack

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We offer balms in two sizes, 1 Ounce tins and .25 Ounce On-the-Go tubes.

The ingredient list for our balms include Shea Butter, Mango Butter, Beeswax, The carrier oils we use are Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Coconut Oil, and Avocado Oil. The essential oils used in each scent can be found on the specific product pages.

Make no mistake: these are beard oils and beard balms for anyone who likes the feel of a beard without the accompanying itch, or the burning that comes when sensitive skin meets an unnatural, laboratory-created scent. We match our oils using high-quality ingredients and hand-pour each of our products so that you receive the best possible scent without sacrificing your comfort.

American Made, Satisfaction Guaranteed

The Fatwood Beard Advantage


You heard right; we hand-pour and inspect every single bottle of oil or tube of balm to make sure it’s up to our exacting standards. Whether you order a $2 sample or $20 balm, you can be sure it’s gone through our extensive quality control process.

Ingredients we believe in. If it’s not good for your beard and your skin, we don’t like to sell it. Period. Even if it’s cheap and would benefit us. This is a company for men with beards in mind, and your comfort is our priority.

100% essential oils for scent. Say goodbye to the typical “natural fragrances” ingredients you see on the label. We create our scents with specifically selected essential oils that won’t irritate you or harm your beard. If we don’t offer you a mocha peppermint latte scent, it’s because we can’t create it using the best beard oils. It’s that simple.

With our high-quality ingredients and our American made Beard Balms and Beard Oils, you’ll feel the difference right away. Give them a try today to see the difference—we have a feeling you’ll be glad you did.